We regret to inform you that HTM-audio has ceased trading after 20 years of service.

Why ? Years ago there was demand for quality audio, but it has only shown a constant decline in recent years. In general people go for the cheapest china option then spend countless hours and spend more money into "fixing it" as they are riddled with issues. While HTM designed items properly at not much higher costs, and worked reliably "out of the box" , they rarely sold. Without sales there are no funds to continue development into quality audio products.

We used to spend considerably time in choosing the best components and doing research onto what was the most reliable and top spec parts. Though nobody in recent years seems to care about this. Cheap designers choose the cheapest parts and be damned with the consequences and that is what sells. HTM were against producing cheap modules and wanted to bring quality back to UK made products, but there is no way to survive in a cheap buyers market which is already flooded.

Thanks go to all our past customers, few as they were. I would also like to thank my father who supported HTM audio all these years who unfortunately passed away in 2014 aged 59 due to a rare cancer. He knew a lot about audio and speakers and a sad loss that he is no longer with us.

HTM may return one day.. who knows what the future may hold.